KHSA is raising the bar academically and professionally this year! We are strengthening our academic and extracurricular culture to prepare students for college and acareer. Below, please find our uniform policy.

Professional Uniform / Uniforme Profesional

To reflect this academic change, we will be adopting a professional uniform. Students will not be permitted entry into the building without the proper uniform, which consists of:

-Light blue oxford button-down shirt (long or short sleeve) with the school logo (Purchased at Flynn O’Hara)
-Black and blue striped tie (Purchased at Flynn O’Hara)
-Black professional pants or professional skirt (black jeans are not professional)
-Black belt
-Black shoes that have black shoe laces.

The shirt and tie must be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara. The other items are available for purchase at Flynn O’Hara, but do not necessarily need to be purchased from the company.  Flynn O’Hara is located at 6801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19135

Bell Schedule / Horario

KHSA has an 8 period bell schedule with a daily advisory occurring each day between 9:30-9:54. Some classes are A/B, meaning they meet every other day.