Uniform Policy

Professional Uniform / Uniforme Profesional

KHSA Uniform Options 

KHSA polo shirt ($16 and sold at KHSA everyday from 7AM-2PM beginning August 8th!)

KHSA t-shirt, KHSA scrubs, KHSA light-blue button-down shirt

Light blue polo / light blue t-shirts (From any store)

Black pants/skirt (From any store, without tears/rips)

Any shoes that are closed-toe

Note: We have uniform options because students have told us they like to have some guidelines in place so they don’t feel the pressure to wear the latest fashion. That being said, clothing should never be a barrier to learning. We have also added the KHSA polo shirt / light blue polo shirt because we have heard that the former Flynn O’Hara shirts were too expensive. Please note, that the Flynn O’Hara shirts are still accepted!

Cell Phone Pouch Rentals

Students who want to bring their cell phone to school may rent a cell phone pouch for $28 for the year. Parents/guardians must sign a form that acknowledges the rental rules.