Uniform Policy

Professional Uniform / Uniforme Profesional

Light blue oxford button-down shirt (long or short sleeve) (Available at Flynn O’Hara)
Black and blue striped tie (Available at Flynn O’Hara)
Black professional pants or professional skirt
Shoes must be closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops, sandals, and shoes without a backing are not permitted for safety reasons.

Where to Buy the Uniform

Flynn O’Hara is located at 6801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19135.  However, Uniform items do not need to be purchased at Flynn-O’Hara.  Many items can be found at other stores.

Uniform Rotation

We understand wearing the same uniform everyday may be cumbersome. Therefore, we have adopted a uniform rotation:

Monday: Professional Day (Blue Shirt and Tie)
Tuesday-Thursday: Professional Attire, Scrubs, or Gym Uniform Shirt
Friday: Spirit Day (Kensington jerseys,  BLM shirt, clubs shirts, any Kensington gear)

Black pants and shoes are expected Monday-Friday, no matter the uniform rotation.